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Post  Archerod on Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:19 am

Character details

Character name? Archerodan
Character lvl? 70
Race of char? Orc
Your real life age? 27
Class? Hunter
Link to your equipment (The Armory...)?

Trade skills? Skining Leatherworking
Talent spec? Beastmaster but if needed i can respec to marksman

Chain quests

Karazhan key (the masters key)? Yes
Shattered halls key? No
Arcatraz key? Yes
Shadow labs key? Yes

Revered / Heroic keys

Reservoir key? Yes
Auchenai key? Yes
Warpforged key? Yes
Hellfire citadel key? Yes
Caverns of time key? Yes


How many hours a day do you play? 5-6 hours.

Do you have a stable and fast (no dial-up) Internet connection? Yes its fine.

What Days Can you Raid? Everyday.

Our usual raids times are 8:00-8:30pm to 00:00 server time , Can you stay for those hours when raiding? It wont be a problem.

Tell me something about yourself:

Tell me something about the (raid) guilds you've been in and the reason why you left:
This is my first character in world of warcraft that reaches lvl 70 and i couldnt raid with my guild yet since there is not enough people to do it.I only did karazhan with pug groups. I did all of the other 5-man dungeons and their heroic versions.

Do you think there is life on Mars? Maybe, its possible.

Is wrestling fixed? Dunno.

Do you know who is Eggman? Nope.


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