Neodym 70 Protection warrior

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Neodym 70 Protection warrior

Post  Neodym 7 on Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:35 pm

Character name?Neodym
Character lvl?70
Race of char?Orc
Your real life age?17
Link to your equipment (The Armory...)

Trade skills?BS&mining 265 BS/ 375 mining
Talent spec?8/5/48

Chain quests

Karazhan key (the masters key)?yep
Shattered halls key?no
Arcatraz key?no
Shadow labs key?yes

Revered / Heroic keys

Reservoir key?yes
Auchenai key?yes
Warpforged key?yes
Hellfire citadel key?yes
Caverns of time key?yes


How many hours a day do you play?3-5 more in raids.

Do you have a stable and fast (no dial-up) Internet connection? good brodeband connection. no DC probelms.

What Days Can you Raid? mon-thur for sure. fri-sun depends on what weekend.

Our usual raids times are 8:00-8:30pm to 00:00 server time , Can you stay for those hours when raiding?
Tell me something about yourself: friendly and seriuos. would do the best for the raid/guild when needed. Want join you to get a few items from kara, and after joining you for 25 man and Za.

Tell me something about the (raid) guilds you've been in and the reason why you left:
have been in some other guilds in the past. all have failed. one got disbanded. one had to slow progression.(your guild have a nice progression. and i have heard nice things about the guild)
Do you think there is life on Mars?
i live there;)
Is wrestling fixed?
indeed not^^
Do you know who is Eggman? yes? doesnt everyone?

Neodym 7

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Re: Neodym 70 Protection warrior

Post  Ruelve on Thu Apr 17, 2008 2:50 pm

Hi there and thanks for your application. While I'm not an officer I was looking at your character on the armory and you seem to be decked out as Fury gear with Fury talent spec. Could you log your character out in protection gear with the related spec? Wink

The current gear seems to miss a lot of enchants and have a few low level gems socketted. Any specific reason for this?

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Re: Neodym 70 Protection warrior

Post  Guest on Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:12 am

Shhhh. He's applying to be a tank. And you want to pick holes with is app? Suspect

I'm not an officer either, but GL with the app Very Happy


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Re: Neodym 70 Protection warrior

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