Good geared rogue wanting to join 1710 AP :D

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Good geared rogue wanting to join 1710 AP :D

Post  Exécutio on Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:05 pm

Character name: Exécution

Age: 17

Armoury link:

Details about me: I recently left the realm Alonsus (Which is why my armoury link still says im in Alonsus as it has not updated my profile) to come to a better realm to see what it had to offer for me so i found the Draenor realm for horde this is a very good realm and so are some of the guilds in it, just like this one i am applying for :p. My previous guilds in alonsus were very good raiding guilds (Tribal, Delphi and Deus) they all did lots of raiding all the way up to SSC and TK raids (I used to be top of the dps in nearly all raids) <-- Just thought id add that bit, dont mean to brag :p hehe.

Why i want to join the guild: I would like to join this guild because i have heard it is a good raiding guild and thats what i am looking for im not so much botherd about the 25 man raids but i like the good BoJ kara runs and i like the ZA runs and thats all im looking for really so i really hope you can recruit me.

What i can offer for the guild: A good active DPS who is ready to take on any challenge. I put other players before my self in most occasions and i am quite abit of a peace keeper, can't be botherd with much arguing just like everyone to get on Razz

What Spec I Am: Assas/Combat spec best for PvE ^^ - Willing to respec if needed.


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