wonto join lazarus

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wonto join lazarus

Post  Borrock on Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:33 pm

realm name:Borrock
Race: undead
lvl: 80
why i wonto Join? i wonto do Wotlk raids and Heroics.
how many heroics have i done?
ive done all WOTLK heroics except 2
Any raids done?
no but i wonto start.
raid times 4:30pm- to how ever long it takes
or 8:00-to how ever long it takes.
got 5 lvl 80 epics rest lvl 80 blues

Personal messedge?
i love doing heroics and hoply will love doing raids and im real life freinds with Roguens(lvl 75 rogue in laz) and Windswift( who usto be in laz but moved char) Very Happy


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