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Post  Riima on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:32 pm

Character name? Riima
Character lvl? 80
Race of char? BE
Your real life age?20
Link to your equipment

My Armory Link
Trade skills?Bs and mining
Talent spec?Retri and prot


How many hours a day do you play? Depends, as Sulmus i got a verry flexible schedule, but about 2-6 hours

Do you have a stable and fast (no dial-up) Internet connection? 25M/Bit

What Days Can you Raid?everyone, but might not be able to come since our schedule

Our usual raids times are 8:00-8:30pm to 00:00 server time , Can you stay for those hours when raiding? yeah np

Tell me something about yourself:I Havn't played for a verry long time, im getting help from Sulmus my bf, and thats pretty much it

Tell me something about the (raid) guilds you've been in and the reason why you left:only been in a social guild, wich included me,sulmus and a irl friend

Do you think there is life on Mars? ofcourse there is, didnt you know?Razz
Is wrestling fixed?]no but im on it:)

Do you know who is Eggman? everyone knows who eggman is...Wink

Are you able to post your Armory link? Show us! already did?

If anyone would make you choose between a red pill, a blue cucumber, a yellow men-eating sofa and a fuxia bunny, would you turn him over to the authorities or just run away screaming?I would turn him over to the authorities screaming loudly... Smile

is there something else we should know about? yes, if u acctually would consider taking me in, you have to know that i will only join if my Bf (Sulmus) can join, otherwise im not intressed, well anyway, see ya in game and gl with everything // Riima


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