Social Paladin :P

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Social Paladin :P

Post  Bubble on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:25 pm

Hello I am a paladin who wants to join Lazarus as a social member and maby raid a few times in the weekend if you need me Smile I want to join because i know quite a few people in the guild and it sounds like a nice and fun guild Smile

Character name: Bubbletroubl
Character lvl: 80
Race of char: Blood Elf
Your real life age: 18
Class: Paladin
Link to your equipment (The Armory...):

Trade skills: Jc and Mining
Talent spec: holy and going to change my reti into prot Smile


How many hours a day do you play: no clue actually since I got a lot stuff to do normal days since I do a lot of kickboxing Smile but in the weekend i play quite some hours

Do you have a stable and fast (no dial-up) Internet connection: yeah its a fine connection Smile

What Days Can you Raid: weekends Smile

Our usual raids times are 8:00-8:30pm to 00:00 server time , Can you stay for those hours when raiding: if weekend yeah Smile

Tell me something about yourself: I am a social person who likes to sit on skype/ventrilo and talk with guild/friends. I also like to help other people with instances and gems and what they need help with.

Tell me something about the (raid) guilds you've been in and the reason why you left: I was in Hex but then quited wow since I found it a little borring but now I am back

Do you think there is life on Mars: HELL YEAH!

Is wrestling fixed: nevaa!!!!!!

Do you know who is Eggman: nop

Are you able to post your Armory link? Show us! did above Razz

anyone would make you choose between a red pill, a blue cucumber, a
yellow men-eating sofa and a fuxia bunny, would you turn him over to
the authorities or just run away screaming? I would take the bunny! Very Happy


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Re: Social Paladin :P

Post  Bubble on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:28 pm

forgot Razz


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Re: Social Paladin :P

Post  Niiiliaz on Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:34 am

clearly by lookin at his application a socially retarded person,
but still a awsom friend and w00p w00p healthingie ;D
tbh inv him or I'll refuse to give out Vigilance any longer


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Re: Social Paladin :P

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