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Post  Cagerage on Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:23 pm

Cagerage - lvl 80 dps  orc warrior
Main spec - Fury pve Off spec - Arms pvp
I have recently transferred to this server and armory isn't working for me but gilgammesh saw my gear in ulduar it is 5.7 k gearscore from icc 10/25.
My name is Ben I live in the UK and so therefore speak, write and understand english perfectly.
My fury spec is 18/53/0 in arms/fury/protection max raid dps output spec - currently i do 10 k or so on trash and 7-8k single target in 10man
My pvp spec is 57/14/0 in arms/fury/protection for bgs and arena pvping
I currently have 450 skill in enchanting and 400 skill in jewelcrafting which I am levelling
My internet is consitent very rarely get disconnected as a rule of thumb I will have 60fps and 100-150 ms lag
I want to join lazarus as they have recent progress but it isn't going to be too much pressure like guilds who are clearing 25man hc content. I have just transfered to Draenor and Gilgamesh asked me to apply so here I am ^^ I want to raid and pvp but also up for fun runs in ulduar hardmodes or bc / vanilla instances
I can raid any night except  tuesday,friday and saturrday and occasional sundays because I work in a restaurant and weekends are busy periods. I can raid to those times or later than them no problems^^
I am a bartender and chef at a large restaurant and I am 19 years old, I spend far too much time on WoW but in the season I play rugby and in the summer I go to the gym a lot. I am a laugh to play with and beleive in having fun and progress at the same time.
I was previously in a few good guilds on the Azjol Nerub server mainly No Fear and Deathrow, but transferred to here for higher horde population and better progress and so far have found it to be a nice community.
Yes, mars is inhabited by gnomes that I punted into space and landed there.
Wrestling was fixed until I broke it again
Eggman is either the bald guy doctor robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog or it is the bloke from the song "I am  the walrus" by the Beatles
If any one asked me a question like that I would drop kick them in the face and then throw them in a river with concrete shoes Smile
I hope you like and accept my application
Looking forward to hearing from you guys


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Warrior application Empty Re: Warrior application

Post  Permafrost on Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:52 pm

Well, as he got a guild invite last night... welcome to Lazarus. Warrior application Icon_smile

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