Application happy shaman :P ripnalk

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Application happy shaman :P ripnalk

Post  Ripnalk on Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:13 pm

Hello there boys and grils ive been playing wow for about 3years now i ventured into many instace Smile Completed ones such as MC, ZG, BWL and ofc onyxia also the great 40man raid on hogger!! But then when TBC came out i took a break and just came back to wow a week ago im currently lvl 64 Shaman and am looking for a friendly, fun casual but expierienced guild! Why should you choose me? Well because im friendly, layed back expirienced like to have a laugh and allways look on the bright side. When can i raid? Well i like raiding on Fridays , saturdays and sometimes sundays but if i can raid on a sunday i would tell you in advanced Smile What is my current spec and what spec i like most? Well currently my spec is hybrid i enjoy this the most! Whats my future plans? Well my future plans is to lvl up to 69 stay there for awhile and get the pvp gear also to join your guild. sunny

From the Happy shaman Ripnalk lol


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Re: Application happy shaman :P ripnalk

Post  Frluga on Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:14 pm

nice m8 ,, ty for applying to Lazarus.
Keep us informed about your progress ^^
Cheers m8 cheers

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