appi Resto shaman.

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appi Resto shaman.

Post  Inkego. on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:30 am

Character details

Character name Ínkego
Character lvl? 85
Race of char? orc
Your real life age? 22years old
Class? Shaman
Link to your equipment

Trade skills? enchanting/enginering
Talent spec? Resto/ele


Do you have a stable and fast (no dial-up) Internet connection? yes 20mbit.

What do you expect of lazarus , as in are you joining for : a m8 of mine (Durma) told me that this is a realy nice guild.

- Social reasons ( Durma and find new frinds. )
- PvP ( im a PvP player)
- Raider ( IL around 340 PvE gear. my prio in game is PvP but i like to do PvE ones in a wile)

If you want too aply as raider what days Can you Raid?
i play almost evry day for about 4-6houers sinds cata bin realeas abit more so all days suit me fine.

Our usual raids times are 8:00-8:30pm to 00:00 server time , Can you stay for those hours when raiding?
np here ofc RL comes first.

Tell me something about yourself:
My Name is Jesper and im 22years old Living in Denmark ive bin playing wow sinds beta menny years ago.

Tell me something about the (raid) guilds you've been in and the reason why you left:
well had first Nefarian Kill on my server and left the guild 3weeks after AQ open. guz the class leader dient like me so he pref to take less gear players (frinds) and build up ther dkp. ive bin kick from total grindlock for not attepting a procces raid. and ive had some server changes. and breaks from wow

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Re: appi Resto shaman.

Post  Silun on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:09 pm

You've left out the most important part!!!

Is wrestling fixed?

Do you know who Eggman is?

Are you able to post your Armory link? Show us!

If anyone would make you choose between a red pill, a blue cucumber, a yellow men-eating sofa and a fuxia bunny, would you turn him over to the authorities or just run away screaming?.
I'll even help you out with the armory link: Razz
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Re: appi Resto shaman.

Post  Uvedoble on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:30 am

i would say vote in but as far as specs go if he was to be raiding as either resto or ele, his spec would have to change as, as far as i can see, they are both pvp orientated specs

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Re: appi Resto shaman.

Post  Permafrost on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:31 am

Ínkego joined us this evening. Welcome to Lazarus. Smile

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Re: appi Resto shaman.

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